Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dorothy and Herb

Watched a documentary this weekend
on Netflix

She's a librarian, he's a postal worker.
They have been collecting
art since the early 60's.
Not just ANY art, though.

Her salary paid the bills,
his salary paid for the art.

They live in a dinky little
rent controlled apartment
in New York.
Over 4,000 items
of art
were taken out and 1,000 put into
the National Museum of Art,
others dispersed.
They wouldn't sell it.
It was gifted.

Here's some of my favorites from
their collectionl

They typically acquired the paintings before
the artists became famous.
They had a knowledgeable eye.

Read more about them here:

On the site above you can see the list of
the artists they collected
and the museums that they now reside.
I find them rather inspiring
and can relate to their hoarding 
of beautiful things.
; )

Here's some pictures of our family 
on our most recent trip to

Pensive Pen

Sushi Time

Googly Eyed Goio
(these are glasses for macular watch TV)

Cutie Pie Kitty Lover

Love to all you
 sweet, sweet friends
and family.

You are the
xoxo d

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