Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Etsy Artist: DeafCatStudios

Pretty much in love with 
all of these
Handmade, hammered settings,
raw gems......



Tom Ronay and his Etsy store
He's from Portland, Oregon


Hi, I'm Tom. I'm 24 years old and interested in all kinds of art and design. I'm especially biased towards architecture and aesthetic movements. I spend my time making jewelry, building houses, studying to be a goldsmith, and practicing my draftsmanship.

Lisa has been a jeweler for 26 years. She specializes in silver work and bezel setting. Jewelry is a full time pursuit for her - some of her work is here at Deaf Cat Studios, and she sells sea themed jewelry as SeaGlassJewels as well as at galleries around the country.

This store is a collaboration between the two of us. We work on design and production together to make pieces that are contemporary and stylish. Take a look!
Really love that opal up there.
I think I'll dance.
Don't' hold it against me.
; )

Yes, that is me.
I have had many requests for
this video since I did it for my sister 
for her birthday.
And so...
I swallow my pride.
It makes me laugh.
I hope it makes you laugh too.
It's ok.
I know a middle aged woman learning
to clog is pretty funny.
; )

So are these guys.

I'm in good company.

Love to all my family and friends out there.
You rawk.
Yes, you do.
xoxoxo d

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  1. Very simple, beautiful jewelry! I love that you posted your dancing video, you're doing so good!


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