Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have no energy this week.
I need a dose of vitamin c,
or something.
; )

yummy orange.

Wawa, the coat I am sending you for Goio
looks kind of like this coat.
it is orange as well.
; )
I love DI.
$3.00 and brand new.

I  wish I had a scratch and sniff
sticker for you
to smell
juicy, sweet orange.
I'll be talking to 
Steve Job's ghost 
about this.

Here's a dose of sunshine.
BTW, you are the sunshine of my life.
; )

mmmmmmmmm...I can just feel that rising sun
on my face.

Sending sunshine your way
on this snowy Idaho morning.

Love to you all,
you little sunshines
of my life.
xoxoox d

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