Thursday, January 26, 2012

LIfe's a Happy Song With Rainbows, Smiles and Such

The older I get,
the more
I realize I was meant to
be in a....

(to my husbands chagrin)

I could do that.
I really could...
be nauseatingly cheerful
and dance and sing
down the street.

Some of my favorite 'smiling' pictures.

My handsome daddy-o.

Tim and Terry trying on their dad's old hats.
; )

Wild flower hunting in Idaho.

Goio's famous smile.

Papa in papaheaven.

Pen in Mackay.

A happy day.  ; )

Trying to get a picture of Taylor smiling is a huge
Here is a 'sorta smile'
while in Portland
from a few years ago.

Cutie pie Daphne smiling and cooing.
; )

ohmygosh I am just so happy now.
(insert happy dance here).

Sending happy thoughts
of rainbows and sunshine
your way.
Here's a cyber hug, too.
(((((( you )))))

Love you, 
little whippersnappers!
xoxox d

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