Thursday, December 22, 2011

I like snow.....

Yes, I do.
Of course there are times when I don't.
When we have to drive places and the snow
has turned to treacherous ice,
then I don't like it so much.
But other than that....
I like snow.

It is beautiful.
(I did not take these pictures....)

So, you love snow.
Prove it you say?
Well...these were taken two years ago.
We would hike up Mine Hill almost every day 
no matter the weather.

(Papa, Scooter, Moose, Zach and Polly)

We had lots of friends
cuz we carried dog bones.  ; )

I love the snow.

Sweet song about snow and
our Savior.

Watching Scooter out in the snow.

Love to all you little
snow bunnies out there,
which you know you are 
in your heart of hearts
even if you are in 
NC or CA or AZ.
; )

Love you all...I do.
xoxoxo dd

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