Monday, December 19, 2011

Carl Larsson and the Christmas Dress

Found a Christmas dress
at a thrift store
and it looks Scandinoovian.
Reminds me of Carl Larsson!
I will provide a picture eventually.
here are some for your viewing pleasure.
And mine.  ; )

I think my sisters and I would look
FAB in these dresses below.

A few more modern Scandinoovian dresses...

Here are some of my most
favorite Carl paintings
about Christmas time.

I am suddenly in  the mood for  a
cinnamon raison roll.
And hot chocolate.
With marshmallows.
And a cinnamon stick
in the chocolate. 

Come on over!!!!

Have a cozy and comfy
little sweetie pies.

Love you dearly!

xoxoxo d

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