Friday, December 09, 2011

The Alternate Christmas Tree

Sometimes I just get a little ennui 
with Christmas decorations.
I crave something new...
something unique....
something...I don't know.....
(I need a thesaurus)

I give you the 
"Alternate Christmas Tree".
So much creativity!!!!

So minimaaaal....

So Danish modern....

So 'Green'...
(yes, they are bottles)

In a library, of course!

I actually had one kinda like this red tree....
and it broke in our move to Mackay.  : (

(our tree that broke....)
: (

This seems a little lazy, yet creative.

Might do the ladder.  REally like it.
But, I'd need a bigger house.

So Scandinoooovian!!!

Ahhhhhh, another minimaaaal.


Alot of work..
but gotta love a tree made of scripture.

Especially fond of the ladder.  
Aren't these great???

And alternate 
Christmas Music......
; )

(which makes me want to leap in the air
and dance....)

Ok, the last two weren't so alternate....
but I love them anyway.  ; )

Have a fun-tastic furry Friday, k?

Love to all of my friends and family...
love you so so much.  

xoxxoxooxx d


  1. I love your blog, Deb! Your cheery thoughts and pictures just start out my day right. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, I agree. These days I find myself avoiding blog land due to all the Christmas decorations photographed from five different angles and blogged...

  3. THank you so much Karen! ANd thank you Artic Mum for your comment. I do not feel alone, now. ; )
    xo d

  4. Brendon and I like the wooden tree. We have all the "supplies" to make that one in the back yard...

  5. Kewl! Take a picture! I'd love to see it! xoxoox d


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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