Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pocatello is on fire....

what a beautiful world 
it is.

I get so sad when it is all over.
But then,
there is that beautiful snow
and pure blue skies to
look forward to.  ; )

"The Autumn Leaves"
made popular by Roger Williams,
an Idaho State University graduate.
He would come every year to ISU and do a
concert in the Fall.
Until this year.
His concert was performed by local
musicians in his honor
as he passed away in early October of this year.

Bill Evans jazzy version, which makes me want to
go outside and twirl with my arms up in the air
and catch falling leaves,
while doing a jazzy dance.

Ohmy.....just had to share
Doris Day's version too.
Looooooove this one!!!

A glorious Fall day to you all
on this marvelous
tostada Tuesday.
Think I'll have a little
sour cream on mine. ; )

Love you more than the big
blue sky is big!
xooxox d


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  2. This post depresses me a little. Arizona has it's own beauty, but I forget what time of year it is here. There's no such thing as fall in the desert :). Love all of these beautiful pics!

  3. Aww....wish you were here! Maybe in the future a Fall trip and a Spring trip to Idaho? Yes! I like that idea!!!


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