Sunday, October 30, 2011

Neil Hollingsworth....the other half of Karen

This is Neil.
Husband to Karen, whose 
paintings I had on my blog a coupla'
days ago.

He is also in my head.
(sorry about the dinky pictures. 
 I couldn't get
them any bigger!!!)

Looking at his painting of Coke.

Anyone who has been in the Towsley homes over the years
may have noticed our/my love of
Coca Cola,
oranges in bowls,
vintage teapots/carafes,
old cars.
I have taken some pictures that
look similar to some of his paintings!

I think I'm 
going out of my head 
these lovely paintings!

You tell it like it is, Brazil '66!!!!

Here's to a 
magical Monday,
all you little 
bunny rabbits!!!!

Lots and lots of love to ya!
xoxox d

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