Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Featured Artist: Karen Hollingsworth

So I stumbled upon this artist lady....
and her husband is a great artist too (that's for another day),
and she loves chairs, and light, and white, and wind and blue, and the ocean,
and, and, and....
how did she get in my head?
Seriously, I am paranoid.
Just wait until I talk about her husband.
They have both been in my head.


Someone viewing one of her paintings.

Isn't she just FANtastic?????


More about Karen..

She is from North Carolina.  ; )

Oh Cat,
how I loved you as a teen.
I still do!

Oh boy.... it's thrifting Thursday!!!!
eeeeee ha!
See you at 
the thrifts!

Lots of love to ya'll.
xoxoxo dd

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