Tuesday, September 20, 2011

prabal gurung

Alright...I confess.
Last winter when we had extensive cable,
I watched Project Runway.
I was amazed at the creations of the
designers under such time limits and pressure.

I am not a huge fan of couture, as I dislike the
uppitiness of it all...
but I did learn to appreciate the artists
and designers creativity!
here is a designer I like, 
whose use of color  and design is wonderful.

Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in KathmanduNepal. He went to St. Xavier's school a reputed Catholic Jesuit school in Kathmandu from where he finished his high school. Prabal began his design career inNew DelhiIndia. While studying at New Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, he apprenticed at several local production and fashion houses and designed with Manish Arora. In Melbourne and LondonGurung assisted stylists for fashion shows and international publications. In 1999 Gurung moved to New York City where he interned for Donna Karan while attending Parsons School of Design. In his first year he was awarded the “Best Designer” title at the annual Parsons/FIT design competition.

Read more!

Isn't he awesome?
; )

Yes, I feel like singing a song and dancing.
Aw...come on and join me!!!!

I wish I was Ginger Rogers sometimes.

Have a
fabulous Wednesday all
of you little
twinkle toes out there.

Love to you all!

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