Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mary Janes

I am a big fan of the Mary Jane shoe.
I prefer flats,
but there a few with heels that I 
enjoy, even though I can't wear them.  ; )

Saw these at Ross in SLC and didn't get them cuz they were $16.00.
Too expensive.
So I looked them up on the internet,
and they were a $96.00 pair of shoes.
I regret not buying them!!!

I have these below in plum and they are my most favorite shoes.
Soooooo comfortable!
$10.00 at Ross.

Ya, you can never have too many shoes, right?
; )'s Friday.
Time to kick your shoes off
and enjoy the weekend. around while listening to this
music from the movie 
"Barefoot in the Park".
I know I'm dancin'!!!!


A great weekend and
love to you all!!!!
xoxo dd

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