Saturday, August 13, 2011


Stream of consciousness,
random thoughts.

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Random thought #1

What are the top five things you would do
with $1 million?

My answer:
1.  Pay debts
2.  Finish our Mackay cabin so family can enjoy it more
3.  Money for grandchildren for education
4.  Buy all of my children homes.
5. Money saved to make sure all of our family can visit each other with no hardship,
for the rest of our lives.  ; )

Random thought #2

I have decided Jason Mraz is my hero.
I know I posted this last week,
but I just love it.
So here it is again.
The lyrics to the song I love.

Random thought #3

I love my grandbabies.
I love being a Nana.
It just isn't fair that they are so far away.
But...Tara sends me these awesome
videos of them doing cute stuff.

Here's the latest.
This is Pen pretending to be her brother,
wearing his hat and reading a book
the same way he does it.  ; )


Here's Goio and Pen a few months ago.

Adorableness X2.  ; )

Random thought #4

I have a grand doggy and now, two grand kitties.
Funny how I miss them too.
; )

Nene took these pictures.
Scooterpie stuck under her house,
Fox Mulder (Foxey)  and Mercedes Benz (Sadie, formerly Miss Muffet)
in the cowboy boots I gave Nene for her birthday.

Adorableness X3.  ; )

Random thought #5

I feel a real kinship to flowers.
I talk to them.
I nourish them.
I sing to them.

Any secrets you want to share
that make you look crazy?
Cuz, I just shared mine. ; )

Such pretty ladies.

Here's to a great Sunday to you all.
Enjoy cuz
la la la la la life is wonderful!
xoxxo d

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