Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whatcha been doin'?

I went on this great four wheeler trip with my adopted sister Ann...
and I forgot to put the battery in my camera!

So here are a few pictures that I didn't take, but could represent this trip.

So ya, just a reminder I did not take these pictures cuz I forgot my camera battery.

; )

This is how I looked riding the four wheeler.  Very grandma-ish.
I was wearing braids,  a floppy straw hat, green flowery gardening gloves, ankle jeans with socks and mary-jane tennies.

This is a video of how I started....
(kind of)

As Ann can tell you,
this grandma and I have some things in common.
'Cept, I go in reverse. ; )

We saw some signs indicating the Mind Hill tour.

So, we were on two different vehicles,
but we are both 
were young once,
and I DID wear a floppy hat.
Could be us, ya?



Arrow Balsamroot
(the ones we saw were at the end of their blooming)

A similar view to what we saw.

 We had a picnic by a wooded creek

Orange Globemallow

close up of the mallow

Firecracker Penstemon

Mustard Flower

Pear Cactus 


Sego Lily (first time I'd seen one of these!!!)

Sticky Cranesbill Geranium

Purple Penstemon

Umbrel Wild Parsley

We saw more, too. 
I will take pictures next week if they are still blooming.

Thank you so much, dear friend Ann, for the great afternoon.
Good company, good conversation, 
just plain goodness!
Love you!

Back to Pokey now, and had a wonderful
ichat with the girls and the grandkids.
Last weeks ichat and tonights.

Ohmygosh isn't she beautiful!!!!!!!

Blurry besos (kisses...)

Love to you all...
Hope this week is filled with 
happiness and blessings!!!
xoxo d

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