Monday, July 18, 2011

Ups and Downs, But Getting More 'Ups' ; )

My still having ups and downs.
But overall......he is improving.

(insert happy dance here)

Oh my man, I love him so.

(disregard the verse in this song about "my man" not being good looking,
obviously this doesn't apply to my man.....)

Just some of my favorite pictures of my man.

Matching hats.  ; )

This is self portrait he took on my camera...without my knowledge.  ; )

SLC trip.

Teaching Goio about Coke in Mexico.

Tough dude, walking in the COLD!

Our daily walk in Mackay.
Dog bones for our friends.
Moose, Polly, Zach, and our grand-doggy Scooter.

Grand-daughters are so sweet. 

A great summer with the grandkids.

Their daily walk....

He was so proud of Goio's excitement about Papa's motorcycle!

His favorite baby.

When he sold the his favorite baby, the Macho Trans Am

Naps on Duke St. when the kids lived in Pocatello.
A common sight.

His heritage. 
Martin Handcart Company.

Such a proud Grand-Papa.

Yup, I love my man.
; )

Hope your Tuesday is filled with 
happy memories of
this life.
I know mine is.  ; )

Love to you all!!!!
xoxoxo d

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