Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Bucket: A container for Ice

Just to make myself clear,
I do not collect them.

I admire them.

I have been known to purchase one or two if the price is right
(generally $3.00 or under)
and if I am totally in love with it.
REALLY in love with it.
I collect enough stuff to start another collection....  ; )

I was just "looking" on Etsy this morning
cuz the design of certain things makes me happy
and I decided to share.

Notice I have not purchased anything, or put anything in my cart.

39 vintage ice buckets for your viewing pleasure.

I will start with the most expensive and desired piece.
Danish Teek Ice buckets for $250.00


Now just the plain old fun stuff....

I may have to purchase this  blue one...

I have this white one.  Not in this great of condition, though.

I have a pitcher that matches this green one.

These are my favorites out of 31 pages of 
vintage ice buckets on.....

Ohhhhh that wicked  Etsy....
makes me want to collect things.  ; )

Love to all of you
whippersnappers out there...

xoxoxo d

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