Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eagle Street Roof Top Farm

This is so awesome.
These enterprising youngsters have a farm
on the roof top of a building in Brooklyn!

The description below was taken from a Martha Stewart web site.

Farmers Annie Novak and Ben Flanner oversee Eagle Street Rooftop Farm (formerly Rooftop Farms), 
a unique, 6,000-square-foot organic 
vegetable farm located on a warehouse roof in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 
To begin this remarkable project, Goode Green, 
a green-roof installation company, 
transformed the roof using 200,000 pounds of soil and a wide variety of crops. 
Now, the crops they grow are sought by neighborhood restaurants, 
which donate their compost-ready waste back to Eagle Street Rooftop Farm.

The pictures were taken from various Google searches.

I admire their gumption.

And, it makes me want to sing a song. ; )

The farmer's daughter could do a roof top garden in the city!  ; )

Sometimes I think I should have been a farmer.
My squash, peas, grapes, raspberries, cucumbers, rhubarb, tomatoes, 
and herbs are all looking so healthy 
and it just warms my heart.

A splendid Monday to you,
my friends and family that are so 
dear to my
xoxoox d

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