Thursday, June 23, 2011

Upholstery Wanna Do

Sometimes I just want to upholster things,
don't you?
This lady Deborah of England does.  
And does it 

"Deborah in Leicestrshire, England started her own on-line furniture store, simply named, Couch  Fully restored period coucheschairs and chaise loungesthat have been reupholstered in eye-popping, high end luxury fabrics.
Each piece of furniture is restored by hand in Deborah’s home, Hemington House."

"Couch is rapidly becoming one of the foremost contemporary home and lifestyle trading internet companies.

Established in 2008, eminent designer Deborah Swift’s love of antique furniture and opulent fabrics inspired her to create ‘Couch’.

Couch specialises in producing exquisite furniture with a difference. Period furniture sourced from around the world, lovingly restored and finally upholstered to the highest standard so as to produce a finish that is electrifying, sumptuous, and totally unique.

The Couch business philosophy is to combine innovation with the highest levels of quality to produce uniquely vibrant period furniture for the discerning homeowner.

'Pushing the boundaries of style and design.' "

Others have taken notice 
and done some amazing things as well!!!

Tea towels....

A couch made out of palettes.....

Tea towels again....

Mid-century love love it....

A friend on flickr did this one below.
Love it love it love it....


It's ok if you drool too.
; )

Hope you enjoyed this jolt of color!
Happiness to you my colorful friends and family!
xoxox d

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