Monday, May 09, 2011

Iris Apfel

This is a fascinating lady.....

I love her style....

her personality....

and her color sense.....

She will wear cow bells for jewelry if she chooses.  ; )

This past year I have subscribed to the magazine 
"Architectural Digest"
cuz it was on sale,
and I like architecture. 

There is a fab article about her in this months issue.
Here is the link to the article on the web,
but they don't have the pictures of her home.

Gotta see these pictures.
Go to the library and check it out. 

I am more of a minimalist as I get older,
but she is definitely a maximalist.

Here is a small clip of Iris talking about style.....

This is a five minute clip of her discussing her life, etc.

Iris started out as an interior designer, then became a world manufacturer of 
old world fabrics,
then a fashion icon around 2005.
in her 80's!!!!  
She is an inspiration!

Have a wonderful day and celebrate life!
Love to you all!
xoxxo d

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