Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Granny Chic Movement.....

I have tried so hard to learn to crochet.
I did NOT get my mother's genes in this area.
I appreciate the art of crochet so very much when done tastefully,
and lately have stumbled upon a new movement called
"Granny Chic".

This is a blogger from Australia who I particularly enjoy.
She has made a shed/building out of a vintage camp trailer.

What a creative idea.  Love that door!

She gives tutorials on how to crochet things...

and has a wonderful eye for design.

Her celebration of the royal wedding
was a real hoot.
So whimsical!!!

So since I have been researching how to crochet,
I have come upon an interesting phenomenon.

Crochet bombing.  ; )

I really liked how he turned out.

Another for your enjoyment.  I couldn't get the video to post,
so click this link.

Source of picture....

Aren't these awesome!!!!
These ladies are such hard workers for
the sake of art!

Yes, it's time for a song,
cuz I'm just an old fashioned girl.

Wasn't that sweet.

Eartha Kitt sings a song about an old fashioned girl too,
but it came across as so creepy for some reason I didn't use it.
If you want to be creeped out,
look it up on you-tube.

It's Wednesday!  Yeah!
Two more work days then all PLAY!

Have a glorious, sunny day!
xoxox dd


  1. oh that tree! What a cool,clever idea.
    I am a knitter but would really like to learn to crochet too. May be I'll give it a go once I'm finished all the projects I have lined up.

  2. I love looking into your blogs. They make me smile:) love the tree, it's amazing!


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