Monday, May 16, 2011


I came upon this interesting article on NPR this morning.

I am a total dog lover.
I take Milk Bones on my walks to befriend the dogs I see
along the way.
I'd bring tuna fish for the cats if I could but I don't like how it smells. ; )

this guy is a college graduate who couldn't find a job in his field so he became a temporary mailman.
This is his blog entry on some pictures he took one day of some of the dogs on his route.
I enjoyed it.
So...I am sharing it with you.
I know, I is lame to use a blogger for your blog.
I just got a huge kick out of his pics and commentary,
and needed to share.  ; )

His blog entry link....

The NPR article....

My favorite pics he took....
( I believe if you click on the pic you can see it bigger)

He used a disposable camera from Rite Aid.
This last one looks like he is singing a song.
Me too!!!

I LOVE this song by Nellie McKay...

Wasn't that great?????
I love happy songs. 

Hug a furry friend today!
And give your mailman a pat on the back...

A happy Monday to you all!!!
xoxoxoxo d

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