Monday, May 02, 2011



'bout Cathrineholm.

I know the song doesn't really fit, but I really like Patsy in this video, and love her voice.

I just wish they hadn't had those bull horns behind her.

So a little more of Cathrine.

Crazy, eh?  ; )
Simple things make me happy...

I had one daffodil come up in in my yard.

It was in the side yard where no one could see it,
so I picked it.
I love her.

She makes me want to sing a song....

On another happy topic.

I haven't cleaned under my couch for a couple of weeks.
I found a sweet reminder that my grandson Goio was
visiting a few weeks ago.
It made me so happy.

I am leaving it there.  ; )

Simple reminders that life is good. under the couch is not
always necessary even though there is cat hair,
alot of dust,
and that great green car.

Meanwhile I'll feel that joy of that little treasure under the couch
I'll clean it next week.
 Maybe.   ; )

Love to you all,
and a
Happy Monday!!
xoxoxo dd

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