Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ugly Chair

I went to one of our local thrifts, the Idaho Youth Ranch, and came upon this chair.  
It is a very unique chair.  
A Scandinavian, mid-century design with a gold and black woven wool upholstery.  
I stared at it and "ooooooh and aaaaaaahd" over it.  
Wonderful design.  
Sweet little button tufts at the lower back of the chair.
Tall back.
Sleek lines.
Classic Eames legs.
It would not fit my decor, but I loved it.  
I didn't buy it. 
I came back a few days later, and it was still there.  
It was calling my name, 
but I still didn't buy it.
A week later, the chair is still there.  
I figured it was maybe too ugly for the general public (?). 
It woo'd me and kept calling my name.

I bought it.  $13.00.

It doesn't match anything.  
And, I Loooove it.

This picture does  not really do it justice, and please nevermind the messy house.  ; )
Are you diggin' the 60's fabric I put over the back of the chair?
Pillows will be made.

Here's another one or two.

And so I feed my chair obsession.
This chair will be moved into another room here soon, 
as I have found another  vintage beauty to 
replace it.
But that picture is for another day......
and the beat goes on.

It is snowing outside my window this morning
and I think it is worthy of a song
to brighten up my day.

Oh Dean, you are such a suave man.

Here's to a happy Tuesday,
even though I have to go out and scrape my windshield off.
Here's to Idaho's spring weather.  ; )
Happy day to you!
xo d

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