Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MId Century Modern

So I am a little addicted (understatement) to MCM design these days.  
 I have had a passion for Catherineholm designed kitchen wares and the designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen for awhile .  
Her clean and simple design/colors really rock my boat.  Here are a couple of my recent acquisitions.

A lovely little pot, with a little rust which I will clean off. ; )

My perfect blue pot when she was new to me.....

The yellow pot I found locally, which
is amazing in itself!   I walked into one of my favorite shops
(Vain and Vintage)
and the sales clerk was cleaning this yellow CH!
She said
"I was just thinking of you!  We just got this and I was thinking 
how I could contact you!"
A coincidence?
I think not.  ; )

Talking about all of this MCM gets me in the mood for a little Doris Day.
Geez I love her.
Here she be!

'Til next time!
xo dd

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