Thursday, April 21, 2011


Among my many fascinations.....I love chairs.
Eames fiberglass chairs, Saarinen tulip chairs, Danish Modern.....

In 2002 I went to Denver Colorado for a conference on Dual Diagnosis (Developmental Delays and Mental Illness).  My boss Russ and myself stumbled upon a museum that was having a "History of Chairs" exhibit.  It was the beginning of my fascination.  I thought "Really.  A display dedicated to chairs in from ten and now?".  Oh, yes.  It was divine.

Sometimes I get on E-bay and just look at Mid-Century Modern Chairs, Danish Modern Chairs, Teak Chairs, etc.  My friend Mahdavi calls it 'furniture porn'.  She says this cuz she has a home filled with beautiful and original Danish and Mid-Century Modern furniture (her mother owned a store specializing in this type of furniture).  I was invited into her lovely home and discovered this treasure in the middle of rural Idaho!  I walked in and became speechless, only able to make unintelligible sighs and "oooohhhhs".

Here's what I have been looking at lately.....

The last one is my most favorite.   Wouldn't it look fab in my living room?  ; )

This calls for a song.

I'll be seeing you.  Off to dream of boiled wool and teak and funky shapes.
Here's to sweet dreams for you!

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